The The Best Anti Inflammatory Diet

The The Best Anti Inflammatory Diet

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An anti inflammatory diet helps to reduce one of the underlying causes of systemic inflammationThe goal with any healthy fibromyalgia diet program is to ingest and retain MORE essential and healing nutrients and to reduce pain and symptoms caused through ongoing deficiency. 

We must address inflammation in the gut by adopting and adhering to an allergen free diet. Although we are all individual, there are some common food allergens that need to be eliminated to attain greater levels of healing. Because much of our immune response is connected to our gut, our immune system suffers when inflammatory AND mucous forming foods are ingested on a regular basis. 

This is often the underlying cause of digestive disease, IBS, malabsorption and a leaky gut. Auto-immune diseases and endocrine dysfunction are often directly related to the environment within our gut and GI tract. If inflammation is present in the GI tract, this can inflame the delicate tissues of the thyroid and other endocrine glands.

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Lisa Ehler Curley is a Certified Nutrition and Fitness Trainer specializing in Fibromyalgia, striving to empower people to get and stay fit through education, and safe and effective exercise. She teaches Holistic Nutrition and fibromyalgia help and support protocols for lifestyle management.